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Fortnite Weed Cart Returns to the Game with Exciting New Features .No matter what you call it, over the last 10 years, the weed vape has drastically altered the smoking landscape. Similarly, the introduction of the shopping cart in Fortnite Weed Cart completely changed the way players move around and interact with the game. After being vaulted for some time, the cart is back with exciting new features that are sure to enhance the gameplay experience.

The latest Fortnite patch sees the return of two classic items: the shopping cart and the B.R.U.T.E mech. Shopping carts were vaulted back in Season 5, but they’re now making a comeback with some new features that players will love. The new carts come with a built-in speed boost, allowing players to zip around the map with ease. This feature is activated by holding down the sprint button while pushing the cart.

In addition to the speed boost, the Fortnite Weed Cart also come with a scanner that detects nearby loot. This feature is perfect for players who like to loot quickly and efficiently. The scanner highlights nearby chests, ammo boxes, and other loot, making it easier for players to find everything they need to survive.


But that’s not all. The new shopping carts also come with a built-in shield, protecting players from enemy fire. The shield can take a few hits before breaking, giving players a chance to escape or fight back. This is a great addition to the game, as it gives players more options when it comes to defensive strategies.

The carts also have a new look, with a sleek, futuristic design that fits in perfectly with the games aesthetic. They’re also much quieter than before, making it easier for players to sneak up on enemies or escape unnoticed.

Overall, the return of the shopping cart is a welcome addition to Fortnite Weed Cart. The new and improved features make it a valuable asset for players who want to move quickly, loot efficiently, and defend themselves from enemy fire. If you haven’t tried out the new carts yet, be sure to give them a spin in your next game.

Fortnite Weed Cart at Litexotics Packs

The Fortnite Weed Cart is a cart that was added in the v8.30 update for Battle Royale. It appears to be a reference to the popular game Fortnite, in which players can use weapons and items such as grenades, rocket launchers and pickaxes.

The Weed Cart is an item that will spawn on the map at random locations, but it will only appear after you have eliminated ten enemy players. When you see it on the map, you should try to get close to it as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Once you’ve collected the Weed Cart, all you need to do is drive it down the road and smash into other players with it!

Fortnite is one of the hottest, best-selling games in recent memory. In fact, Fortnite is so addicting that a group of parents sued the game’s maker on the grounds that it was just as habit-forming as cocaine.

However, legal weed is even more popular than Fortnite. So, it was just a matter of time before some sketchy vape producer decided to ride Fortnite’s popularity to score some quick, easy cash. And that brand, dear reader, goes by Cartnite.

Cartnite packaging features CGI characters that mimic Fortnite characters, but this brand has no formal relationship with the video game or its producer, Epic Games. All Cartnite carts are fake – meaning they aren’t licensed, they aren’t lab tested, and if you’re caught buying or selling them, you could be in a deeper mess than that black hole which temporarily halted the game

But how can you tell that Cartnite carts are fake? Here are a few dead giveaways….


This is a parody on a Fortnite character

Cartnite Carts Violate Registered Trademarks

As noted earlier, Fortnite is owned, produced, and distributed by Epic Games. Epic Games has not announced any partnerships with licensed weed companies. If a video game manufacturer was going to stake its reputation (and its profits) by jumping into the cannabis industry, they would blast it all over the media.

Yet, there are no press releases, news stories, or announcements from Epic Games declaring any such partnership. And although legit parodies of company mascots or logos are protected under fair-use laws, weed brands don’t enjoy this right. Courts have ruled in the past that if a cannabis company’s packaging bites the likenesses of other mainstream products, it’s trademark infringement. 


As you’ve probably gathered by now, any vape brand that features iconic or well-known figures  – whether it’s the Monopoly Man, Betty Boop, the Mario Brothers, or Darth Vader – is probably fake AF. While some mainstream companies are officially teaming up with cannabis outfits, marijuana remains federally illegal, and the biggest brands are steering clear of the weed game until the plant is federally legalized


Cartnite, or a Company Affiliated with Cartnite, Isn’t Licensed

A casual review of user submitted Cartnite photos reveal that they bear the official California seal for weed products on the packaging. But if you try to look up Cartnite on the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control licensing database, you won’t find a listing for the brand or a company affiliated with it.

Every single licensed cannabis company in California is listed on that database. If you can’t find your vape brand on there, it’s fake.


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